The WK In-house laboratory is accredited by China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) and we have facilities to test British 13A plug and sockets to BS1363 with widely accepted test report. WK also performs routine sampling procedure where random samples selected from production lines are tested on a regular base ensuring all manufactured products and workmanship are maintained to its highest quality expectations.

WK 實驗室獲得中國國家認證委員會 (CNAS)BS1363 認證。WK實驗室可以測試 BS1363 中的幾乎所有內容,並發出廣泛接受的測試報告。 WK 並會在生產線中定期取樣,在常規基礎上進行測試,確保我們產品始終如一的質量。

Nominal reference list of testing facilities available within the WK in-house Laboratory (Non exhaustive):

以下是 WK 實驗室其中幾種測試:

  • Impact Test
  • Loading Test
  • Flammability Test
  • Ageing Test
  • Rohs Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Chemical Test
  • Salt Mist Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Glow Wire Test
  • Temperature Raise Test
  • X-ray
  • Tracking Test
  • 衝擊試驗
  • 負載測試
  • 易燃性測試
  • 老化測試
  • 環保測試
  • 硬度測試
  • 化學測試
  • 鹽霧試驗
  • 耐久性試驗
  • 灼熱絲測試
  • 溫升測試
  • X射線
  • 漏電起痕測試


Our Humble achievements 我們的成就


Wing Keung Limited accredited with BS5750 Quality Management Systems by ASTA Certification Services UK (pre-version of ISO9000).

永強有限公司獲得由英國 ASTA 認證服務公司頒發的 BS5750 質量管理體系認證 (BS5750 是 ISO9000 的前身)。


“N” Mark awarded by Nemko, Oslo, Norway.

Nemko,Oslo,Norway 授予 “N” Mark。


Wing Keung awarded ISO 9002 accreditation for Quality Management System.

獲得由英國 ASTA 認證服務公司頒發 ISO 9002 認證,同時多種產品線得到 ASTA 認證服務認證和批准。


“CCC” Certification Mark China awarded by the China Commission for Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment.

獲中國電氣設備一致性認證委員會頒發的 “CCC” 認證標誌。


NF (National France) Certification Mark awarded by LCIE.

LCIE 授予的 NF (法國) 國家認證標誌。


SEDEX SMETA Member. This emphasis WK is ethically proficient and caring to all members of our organization.

成為 SEDEX SMETA 會員。這證明 WK 是對員工負責的。


Awarded GMC ( Global Manufacturer Certificate) as a genuine and high quality manufacturer.

獲得 GMC (全球製造商證書) 証明是一個真正、而且高質量的製造商。


Accredited CNAS Laboratory. Our laboratory can issue CNAS reports for BS1363.

實驗室獲得 CNAS 認可。我們的實驗室可以為 BS1363 發布 CNAS 報告。


Wing Keung awarded ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management System.

獲得由英國 ASTA 認證服務公司頒發 ISO 9001 認證。

Majority of product lines carries the prestigious ASTA Diamond Mark, KEMA and N Mark.

永強大多數的主要產品都有著名的 ASTA 鑽石標記,KEMA 或 N Mark。