Company portfolio 公司歷史


Mr Ringo Hung – Chairman
熊令強先生 – 董事長

Mr William Hung – Operation Director
熊俊碩先生 – 營運總監

Wing Keung was founded in 1967 by Mr Cheuk, HUNG, a highly qualified tool maker servicing the booming Hong Kong electrical and electronics industries for transistor radios, following the entrance to the company of his two sons Mr. Tak Hung and Mr. Ringo Hung in 1969, Wing Keung became an registered Limited in Hong Kong.

永強於 1967 年成立,由一位資深的模具製作師–熊灼先生及其兩位兒子 Mr. Tak Hung 及 Mr. Ringo Hung 成立,公司為當時發展蓬勃的香港電子電器工業提供晶體管收音機服務。1969年,永強成為香港註冊有限公司。

With visions for quality and enthusiasm of the HUNG’s family, Wing Keung limited started developing their own mould tools in 1975 for production of “Bakelite” and “Urea” products complying with BS standards, predominantly serving the UK electrical accessories market, a journey that established a respectful household name and a positive business foundation.

憑藉熊氏家族的專業技術和對工作的熱情,永強有限公司於1975年開始開發自己的模具工具,生產符合 BS 標準的 “Bakelite” 和 “Urea” 產品,主要服務英國電氣配件市場,奠定了家傳戶曉的名字和穩健的商業基礎。

In 1984, Wing Keung Limited had been accredited with BS5750 Quality Management Systems by ASTA Certification Services UK. BS5750 was the previous version of ISO9000, and Wing Keung Ltd was the first manufacturer in Hong Kong who accredited with this prestigious award, this award complements the driving visions of the company for quality.

在1984年,永強有限公司獲得 ASTA Certification Services UK 認證的 BS5750 優質管理體系。BS5750 是以前版本的 ISO9000,而永強有限公司是香港首家獲得這項殊榮的製造商,這個獎項確立了公司以「質量為先」的大方針。

The continual success of the company and the need for expansion to meet market demand, in 1988 Wing Keung Limited’s manufacturing facilities was relocated from Hong Kong to Humen, Dongguan County in China. The move has further strengthened the company and substantially increases its BS product range and enhancement of technical expertise, undertaking OEM/ODM projects and collaborations with multinational companies.

隨著公司的持續成功和不繼擴大,為滿足市場需求,1988年永強有限公司的生產設施已從香港遷至中國廣東省東莞市虎門鎮。這一舉措進一步加強了公司,大幅增加了其 BS 產品範圍和增強的技術專長,也開始從事 OEM/ODM 項目及與跨國公司合作。

The relocation of manufacturing has also provided opportunities for product diversity and service route to Eurpean and AsiasPacific markets other than BS standard.

除了 BS 標準產品外,廠房的遷移也為公司打入歐洲及亞太市場,提供了更好的商機。