Hands under special UV light

If our hands are put under a special UV light, we can see there are full of bacteria. If we touch the light switch, do you know how much bacteria is left on the switch surface, and accumulated?


A research was done by Hygiene Council in 2007, collected the top 31st area with most bacteria content.

bacteria / inch2
1 Toilet bowl 3,200,000
2 Kitchen drain 567,845
3 Sponge 134,630
4 Bathtub, near drain 119,468
5 Kitchen sink, near drain 17,964
6 Kitchen faucet handle 13,227
7 Bathroom faucet handle 6,267
8 Bathroom sink, near drain 2,733
9 Pet food dish, inside rim 2,110
10 Kitchen floor, in front of sink 830
11 Toilet floor, in front of toilet 764
12 Kitchen counter top 488
13 Bathroom counter top 452
14 Garbage bin 411
15 Dish towel 408
16 Toy 345
17 Kitchen tabletop 344
18 Refrigerator door 319
19 Home office phone 319
20 Toilet seat 295
21 Bathroom light switch 217
22 Microwave buttons 214
23 Kitchen chopping board 194
24 Child training potty 191
25 Infant changing mat 190
26 Kitchen phone 133
27 Bathroom door’s inside handle 121
28 Toilet’s flush handle 83
29 TV remote control 70
30 Home computer keyborad 64
31 Home computer mouse 50

You may have no surprise to see the TOP rank is a toilet bowl, but you may surprise to see a light switch is in fact only slightly better than a toilet seat. Even worst, a toilet flush handle is way better than the light switch. Ask yourself, how often do you wash your hands after flashing the toilet, and how often do you wash your hands after switching off a light?

  • WK AT-FIELD switches, provide a simple solution to this embarrassing situation.
  • The surfaces of our AT-FIELD switches are ANTI-BACTERIAL.
  • AT-FIELDed surfaces don’t kill the bacteria directly, but provide a very difficult environment where the bacteria cannot live for very long.

Below shown a material test report of WK AT-FIELD material. Bacteria usually grow on a normal surface, but on AT-FIELD surfaces, they are eliminated very effectively. AT-FIELD surfaces can achieve 99.99% reduction rate after 24hours.

WK – AT-Field Series – CO2 Emission
WK AT-FIELD material only emit 1tonne of CO2 when producing 1tonne of material, this is way better than other common material.
CO2 emission (kg/tonnes)
AT-FIELD material 1,000
Polycarbonate (PC) 1,600
Polyethylene (PE) 1,300
Polypropylene (PP) 1,400
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 1,700

WK – AT-Field Series – Energy saving in Production

Common injection moulding requires extra energy to cool down the toolings and the components, so that the components is set and become solid.

However, AT-FIELD material can be manufactured by compression moulding, the material can be set at a much higher temperature. Hence the next cycle can start at a higher temperature, almost 50% energy is saved!!

WK – AT-Field Series – Composition of AT-field material

  • Most components of our AT-FIELD material are derived from renewable natural resources, and full independent from oil.
  • On decomposition, AT-FIELD material end up as natural harmless chemicals like water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • For recycling, our AT-FIELD material can be ground into a size suitable for plastic blast media or fertilizer.